Pin Up Anti Money Laundering (AML) Policy

Detailed info about Pin-Up Anti Money Laundering Policy in India

Pin Up is fighting Money Laundering. ML are the attempts by fraudsters to create the appearance of funds received from terrorist activities or drug sales originated from a legal source. 

As part of the Anti-money laundering (AML) policy, Pin-Up keeps records of its customers’ accounts. According to the law, we are obliged to assess the risks associated with business relations with our customers. Our company monitors the actions of players on our platform around the clock and keeps relevant records. 

Here are the principles and practices on which our AML policy is based: 

  • We use control systems that are suitable for business and comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • We regularly assess the risks of AML;
  • If necessary, we keep records of user transactions, if there is a request for this from the authorities investigating cases of money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • We constantly train our employees and provide them with everything necessary for effective, objective and independent work. 

Risk Management

In our work, we use a risk-based approach. It consists of the following steps: 

  • We identify the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing that are relevant to us;
  • We develop and implement procedures in our work to help reduce the identified risks;
  • We check and improve the operation of these controls;
  • We keep a record of what we do to reduce risks. 

Suspicious Activity

If we detect suspicious activity on the part of a certain client, we will activate the verification. Suspicious, for example, may be monetary transactions or actions with the account. Depending on the situation, we can request the following data and documents:

  • Passport/ID card;
  • Utility bill;
  • Bank statement;
  • Other proof of identity. 

We can also initiate an extended review if it is determined that the client poses risks. For example, we can check where he works and lives. 

Staff training

All our employees are thoroughly trained, taking into account all the rules and procedures of Pin-Up about AML policy. Each of them is aware of their responsibility and understands that they may incur criminal liability if they do not report suspicious activity of our customers. 

Reliable cooperation

To protect the Pin-Up platform and customers from fraudsters, we cooperate only with those suppliers who can be trusted. When choosing such companies, we take into account the following factors: 

  • Financial strength;
  • Legal and regulatory compliance;
  • Commitment to a wider corporate responsibility program;
  • Desire and ability to deliver quality and value. 

Each of our partners undergoes a thorough check, during which we assess all risks. We guarantee that all our suppliers are reliable companies with a clean reputation. 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

By agreeing to the T&Cs of the game on our website, you allow us to carry out any verification of your identity within the framework of the AML/KYC policy. During the verification, transactions with the payment account will be temporarily blocked. 

If we find that your data is unreliable, we may immediately close your account, prohibit you from using it or take other measures. If you are under the age of 18, then you are prohibited from playing on our site. Your account will be deleted and the funds spent will be refunded to you. You also agree to return the winnings to us if you have withdrawn them from the account. 

The objective of the KYC Policy

We will request information about your identity in the following cases: 

  1. If you are suspected of fraud, money laundering, or criminal activity;
  2. In case of doubt that you have provided these documents;
  3. In case of violation of the terms of use of the Pin-Up services;
  4. In any other situation that our company deems appropriate. 

Our company may request the following basic identification data: 

  • Full name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Citizenship;
  • Address of permanent residence;
  • An ID number. 

All documents must be real. We also reserve the right to request additional information about the origin of funds. 

Our Obligations

Our employees keep records of user accounts, which allows us to prevent the following situations:

  • Creating anonymous accounts. It is not allowed to play on our platform from anonymous or nominal accounts. All of them must be promptly verified, and the identity of their owner is established. If the identity cannot be established, the account is deleted and the winnings are cancelled; 
  • Using duplicate or multiple accounts. Some conscientious users try to open multiple accounts in a thirst for profit. Our company has the right to delete such accounts and cancel the winnings associated with them. One player can create only one account on our website; 
  • Gambling by politically exposed persons. We are obliged to respond to any situation when a politician (holding a significant public office or having access to public funds) tries to gamble. 

In case of violation of the KYC policy, we reserve the right to refuse to use our services to any Customer.