Responsible Gambling

Detailed information about responsible gaming at Pin-Up platform

Pin-up is a socially responsible company. A safe, healthy and positive environment has been created on our platform. We want you to enjoy the game and openly inform you about all the social and financial risks associated with gambling. 

Make sure that the situation is under control

Gambling should be a hobby, but some people, unfortunately, perceive it exclusively as a source of income. Very often in such cases, they face emotional distress and lose money. We want you to enjoy the game on the Pin-up website, so we ask you to follow our recommendations: 

  1. Playing for real money should be a hobby, not a job. Know when to stop;
  2. Do not try to recoup immediately after defeat. This will lead to new losses;
  3. Play casino and place bets only when you can afford it;
  4. Set limits on the time of the game and the bankroll;
  5. If you feel that you have an addiction, please contact our support service. We will be able to temporarily block your account so that you take a break from the game;
  6. If you feel you are losing the fight against addiction, contact any professional organizations that assist gamblers (examples below). 

Do you feel like you’ve lost control of yourself?

If you have concluded that gambling has a bad impact on your life, then you need to change something. Ask yourself a few questions: 

  1. Did gambling force you to temporarily take a break from your studies or work?
  2. Do you play at an online casino because you are bored?
  3. Has anyone publicly told you that you have a great attachment to gambling?
  4. Have your friends and family stopped communicating with you because of your online casino habits?
  5. Have you lied to anyone about how much money you spend at online casinos?
  6. Have you ever lied or stolen to get money for gambling?
  7. Do you think that you started saving on other things to invest more money in gambling?
  8. Do you play until you lose all your money?
  9. After losing, do you have a desire to immediately win back the money?
  10. Do you play at online casinos in a state of frustration or depression?
  11. Have you been depressed after a series of losses or have you ever considered suicide? 

If you answered positively to at least one of these questions, it means that you have problems with gambling addiction. You need to seriously consider stopping playing at an online casino or seeking professional help. 


The Pin-up website has a function of voluntary account blocking. If you feel that you have developed a gambling addiction, we strongly recommend that you use this option. It provides for blocking the account for a certain or indefinite period. You will not be able to use it until the full expiration of the blocking period. If you feel the need to take a break from the game, then write to our support service via Live Chat. 

To restore access to your account, you need to send us a written request. Use a Live Chat for this. Indicate in your request that you would like to cancel the voluntary blocking of your account, and we will fulfill your wish as soon as possible. 

Treatment of gambling addiction

We recommend the following organizations that help people with gambling addiction: 

  • GambleAware ( Effective help and support for gamblers to prevent them from having problems with life due to addiction; 
  • GamCare ( It is the leading authority providing advisory and practical assistance to people with gambling addiction. The phone number for anonymous communication: is 0845 6000 133. Residents of other countries can contact GamCare to get information about International organizations that assist gamblers; 
  • Gamblers Anonymous ( This is a community of people who gratuitously help each other to fight addiction. Regional groups have been established in different countries of the world; 
  • Gambling Therapy ( On this website, you can find advice and practical help for people suffering from addiction. Professionals help players all over the world. 

Gambling website’s access restrictions

Many technical solutions or applications allow you to block or restrict access to certain Internet resources. This is especially useful for parents who fear that their children may visit gambling sites. If minors or relatives with gambling addiction have access to your computer, consider the following options for parental filtering: 

  • Net Nanny (;
  • CyberPatrol ( 

We warn you that any player under the age of 18 using the services of our site will be deprived of all winnings. We will give the information about him to the authorities.