Pin Up Terms and Conditions

The main terms and conditions of Pin-Up for players from India

Any person who intends to use the services of the undertakes to comply with our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). These include: 

  • User agreement T&Cs;
  • Privacy Policy; 
  • Betting Rules; 
  • Any terms of advertising, bonuses, and special offers promoted on the Website pages. 

If you do not agree with this, then we ask you to leave our website.

Changes to the Terms

We reserve the right to edit and update any Rules for various reasons (commercial, legal, and conditions related to customer service). 

  • You can study the updates in the Rules on our Website. They come into force from the moment of publication; 
  • Each customer is personally responsible for familiarizing himself with the Rules and regularly checking their updates; 
  • We may make changes to the Rules without prior notice to users. However, we will try to notify them through the contact details in the personal profile.

Legal Requirements

Our website has rules and restrictions related to the registration and use of the account: 

  • Pin up services are not allowed to be used by persons who have not reached the age of majority (18 years or another age that is considered illegal for gambling in a certain jurisdiction); 
  • We may request a copy of your identification document at any time to confirm your age; 
  • We may block an account if we suspect that it belongs to a minor; 
  • You are personally responsible for the safety of your data, including registration data (login and password); 
  • You must immediately inform our staff about unauthorized login from your account; 
  • We are not responsible for the monetary losses that the client may incur if his login and password were used by another person. 

Opening an account

To use the resources of our site, you need create an account. When registering, several rules must be followed: 

  • During the registration process, come up with a username and password, as well as provide the necessary personal information, including your name, date of birth, city, and residential address;
  • All the data you provide must be real. We can request documents to identify your identity at any time; 
  • The account of the client who refused to provide documents for verification is temporarily blocked and can be deleted; 
  • Our Website only allows for one account per person/device/household/family to be opened and used. All duplicate accounts will be deleted.

Deposits and withdrawal

We want to warn you that we do not accept funds from third parties. 

Transactions with payment methods on our portal are only available using an account that is registered in your name. If we find out that the deposit was made by third parties, we reserve the right to block the funds until all the circumstances are clarified. 

Check out the other rules: 

  • If we detect signs of fraud on your account, for example, the use of stolen credit cards, we may block the account. All payments will be cancelled and winnings will be cancelled. We may notify the relevant authorities of any fraudulent or illegal activities; 
  • Our company adheres to the international KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines, which obliges us to verify the identity of our customers before allowing the withdrawal of funds; 
  • We may analyze the user’s transactions within 24 hours after the withdrawal request from his account.

Prohibited actions

Every customer of our site should know what is forbidden to do using its services. Among them are the following actions:

  • Uploading a large amount of information to the platform, which may cause its operation to fail. This also applies to the prohibition of the use of viruses and prohibited programs; 
  • Malicious misrepresentation and deletion of any data from the site; 
  • A ban on the use of hacker programs to bypass the security of the platform. We can report this to law enforcement agencies; 
  • All types of fraud are prohibited, including the use of bots and loopholes in software; 
  • Collusion or attempts to collude with other players while using the site are not allowed; 
  • You risk account blocking for aggressive and derogatory behavior, as well as the harassment of other players and employees of the site; 
  • It is forbidden to provide fake documents for verification. 

We reserve the right to take any action up to the deletion of the account for any violation of the above rules.